Liquid Flow Measurement

Based in Swiss, +GF+SIGNET, a brand of +GF+ Group provides a wild range of measurements in liquid flow.


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Liquid Flow Measurement | Automation System & Control | Industrial Equipment Supplier - Aecl

Based in Taiwan, Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an industrial equipment supplier of automation system controllers and signal converters since 1976.

As an industrial equipment supplier of automation environmental sensing, liquid measurement and analysis, Aecl provides total automation system control solutions particularly for air quality and temperature & humidity automation control fields. Flow control devices such as paddlewheels, magnetic and turbines, environment measurement equipment such as temperature & humidity transmitters, heat (BTU) meters & calculators and ultrasonic flowmeters, and GF valves and GF signet as a distributor in Taiwan.

Aecl has been offering customers high-quality and reliable automation system controllers, signal converter manufacturing and control systems, analyzers and automation solutions with professionalism. Both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Aecl ensures each customer's demands are met.

Liquid Flow Measurement

Based in Swiss, +GF+SIGNET, a brand of +GF+ Group provides a wild range of measurements in liquid flow.

+GF+SIGNET Liquid flow sensors
+GF+SIGNET Liquid flow sensors

+GF+SIGNET Flow Sensors provides multiple sensing methods with digital signal and display. It detects and transmits the signal to control center, or links to the back-end equipment to evaluate the situation whether or not to start or halt the pump. +GF+SIGNET Flow Sensors also plays an important role in industrial production lines, wastewater disposal, chemicals, biotechnology, etc. A wild range of flow sensors are selectable according to the liquid, industry, environment and manufacturing process.

Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Liquid Mini / Micro Flow Measurement - +GF+SIGNET Mini / Micro flow sensors
    Liquid Mini / Micro Flow Measurement
    Measure Mini/Micro flow with optional sensing methods.

    We provide different type of flow sensors, such as paddlewheel, rotor, magnetic, ultrasonic flow sensors. It will facilitate your sensors selection.Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Paddlewheel Flow Measurement - +GF+SIGNET Paddlewheel flow sensors
    Paddlewheel Flow Measurement
    The Paddlewheel Flow Sensor, also known as impeller flow sensor or waterwheel flow sensor, is a economical and general solution for flow measurement.

    Paddlewheel flow sensor series has plastic and metal materials. Plastic type is usually applied to pure water production, filtration systems, liquid delivery systems, scrubber systems for semiconductor, etc.; Metal is commonly used in HVAC systems, cooling systems, water monitoring, or liquid delivery systems. The measuring principle is to detect and calculate the flow rate by the rolling blade in the liquid. This series also provides optional materials of paddlewheel and rotor for different applications. Pipe size range is DN15 to DN900 (1/2" - 36").Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Electromagnetic Flow Measurement - +GF+SIGNET Electromagnetic flow sensors
    Electromagnetic Flow Measurement
    One-piece electromagnetic flow meter provides high stability and high accuracy.

    The measuring principle of electromagnetic flow sensor is to detect the flow by Faraday's law of electromagnetic. Therefore, the measuring data will keep in high accuracy and will not be easily affected by the flow temperature, pressure, density or viscosity. Furthermore, the one-piece flow sensor is with simple maintenance. Applications are water / wastewater monitoring, HVAC systems, neutralization systems, commercial pools, spas or aquariums water monitoring.Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Measurement - +GF+SIGNET Ultrasonic flow sensors
    Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
    The ultrasonic flow meter can be divided into the transit-time type and Doppler type based on the measuring methods, featuring efficiency and high accuracy measurements.

    The installation of ultrasonic flow sensor can directly measure the pipe flow without cutting off or destruct the pipe. Since the measuring method is contactless, it won't change the liquid condition and won't create pressure loss, which is suitable for harsh or massive pipe flow measurement. Ultrasonic flow meter features measurement in various kinds of liquids or wastewater, such as corrosive or non-conducting liquid.Sales in Taiwanese market only.