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DOA & RMA Terms

DOA and RMA Terms & Conditions

AECL warrants its products against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship starting from their date of shipping from AECL's manufacturing facilities for one year. This warranty is limited to either the repair or replacement (at AECL's sole discretion) of the defective product during its warranty period. AECL reserves the right to revise and reinterpret the policies listed below.

DOA terms

AECL undertakes to replace any product found to be defective on arrival within 7 business days of its arrival date, according to the arrival notice provided by forwarder, as per the terms and conditions stated below:

1.1 Return Product Package:
The product must be returned in its original packaging and must include any accessories that came with the product. Otherwise, a “Repackaging Fee” may be assessed upon AECL acceptance of returned product.

1.2 Defective on arrival (DOA):
1.2.1 Products will be determined as DOA only if they were defective upon arrival and the malfunction was not caused by abnormal use of the product, or damaged during transportation or unauthorized repairs.
1.2.2 AECL will determine at their sole discretion whether product’s damage resulted from an act of God, or was caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized alteration or repair, or by external forces (including but not limited to power disturbances, host computer malfunction, installation without powering off devices, and incorrect wiring). These cases will be treated as standard Product Repair Service cases and should follow the Product Repair Service/RMA process.

1.3 Freight Charges:
1.3.1 Shipping will be arranged by AECL for products determined by AECL to be DOA, and AECL will pay the 2-way Delivery Cost.
1.3.2 If the product is not determined as DOA by AECL, the case will be treated as standard Product Repair Service case and customer have to bear the shipping charge of delivering repaired product to customer.

RMA Terms

1.1 Return Product Package:
Please ensure that all devices and accessories returned are well packed.

1.2 RMA number:
No return or repair can be made without a RMA number. AECL reserves the sole right to issue RMA numbers. No authorization shall exist until Customer is provided a RMA number from authorized AECL personnel.

1.3 Warranty Repairs:
AECL will not charge to repair products that are under warranty.
1.3.1 AECL will charge to repair products where the warranty period has expired, or have damage that is excluded from the warranty coverage. If the damage or malfunction of the product is caused by any of the following conditions, the returned product will not be valid for product replacement or free warranty repair:
a) Power disturbances.
b) Host computer malfunction.
c) The devices were not powered off while installation.
d) The item has been misused, misapplied, or wrongly installed.
e) Incorrect wiring.
f) Malfunction of the item is caused by natural disaster or Force Majeure.
g) Damage caused in transit as a result of lack of proper packing.
h) No Defect Found (NDF)

1.3.2 Freight Charge:
a) The customer is responsible for all freight charge of returning RMA products to AECL, including but not limited to, brokerage, taxes, duties and other fees if applicable.
b) AECL shall pay the freight of delivering repaired or replaced product to the customer and reserves the sole right to use any international shipments, unless otherwise indicated, customer also pays for shipping charges.

Out-of-warranty repairs

AECL will charge to repair products which are out-of-warranty period, or have damage not covered by the warranty.

1.1 Repair Charge:
If repair charges will be incurred, AECL will send a proforma invoice listing all charges, and will wait for Customer’s approval before performing the repairs.
1.2 Freight Charge:
Customer is responsible for the 2-way Delivery Cost for the out of warranty repaired products, including any additional charges, such as customs duties.

1.3 AECL will not take responsibility for and cannot guarantee:
1.3.1 The return of product accessories that were shipped to AECL without an associated RMA number.
1.3.2 The retention of any data stored in internal and/or external storage devices shipped with the product.
1.3.3 The safe transit of the product. The Customer agrees to insure the product for its transit and take responsibility for any loss or damage to the product during transit.

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