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Aecl Water Leak Alarm Service Introduction

Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Water Leak Alarm professional automation environmental sensing, liquid measuring system controller and signal converter consultant with more than 40 years experence. Since 1976, in the Industrial Equipment Industry, Aecl has been offering our customers high quality Water Leak Alarm production and consultant service. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Aecl always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Water Leak Alarm
    Water Leak Alarm

    Water leak alarm work with detecting cable for water leak detection. When detecting cable detect liquid leak, it will trigger alarm and make it send relay signal. To cancel the alarm, simply dry out the cable or switch off the alarm manually. in addtion to water leak detection, the device is also equipped with cable failure alarm. When detecting cable is detached or damaged. There are two types of installation, wall-mount and rail-rack mount for options, depending on applicaiton. The sensibility of water leak alarm can be adjusted, so as the length of detecting cable. It is perfect for computer room, server room, base station, electric room, data centre, factory or office, piping storage tank...etc.

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