New product launched - AEC-LX001 Lux Meter

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Aecl New product launched - AEC-LX001 Lux Meter Introduction

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New product launched - AEC-LX001 Lux Meter

2019/04/02 Aecl

AEC-LX001 Lux Meter is newly launched and provides a better solution for on-demand control lighting system, which should be essential in a smart building.

  • Lux Meter
    Lux Meter

    Lux meters are used for measuring brightness in lux. Using high accuracy sensing element ensures the stability and reliability of AEC-LX001 Lux meter. The RS485, Modbus RTU signal output provides continuous data to monitoring center or to data logger for analysis or for energy saving. It can be used for measuring the brightness in workplace, public area, such as train station, library, museum, or food warehouse, parking lot, school, training center, offices and etc.