Carbon Dioxide Transmitter

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Carbon Dioxide Transmitter - Wall mount, room, duct Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor transmitter for indoor monitoring
  • Carbon Dioxide Transmitter - Wall mount, room, duct Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor transmitter for indoor monitoring
  • Wall mount CO2 sensor with display
  • Room CO2 Sensor without display
  • Duct CO2 Sensor with Display
  • Duct CO2 Sensor without display
  • Duct CO2 Sensor side view

Carbon Dioxide Transmitter


Carbon Dioxide sensor, CO2 transmitter

The Carbon Dioxide Transmitter uses novel gold-plated infrared (NDIR) wave-guide technology to ensure its reliable and accurate reading of CO2 measurement as well as its long-term stability and long lifetime. In addition to the standard CO2 measurement range of 0 to 2,000ppm, a high-level measurement range of 0 to 9999ppm is also optional. Long-term exposure to improper CO2 level could cause health issues, for example, inflammation, headache, asthma and bone problems.

The CO2 Transmitter provides optional analog signal DC 4 to 20mA, DC 0 to 10V along with RS485 Modbus RTU digital interface for real-time data monitoring. One SPDT dry contact output is available to configure a user-defined CO2 set point for demand-controlled ventilation in smart agriculture or smart building application.

Most system integrators or individuals use the CO2 Transmitter together with the BMS system or air-conditioning system to alert people about the changing in CO2 concentration. When it is higher than the set point, the CO2 Transmitter can trigger the backend alarm or ventilation devices via relay output to make the air circulation work and adjust the indoor air quality.

Duct mount CO2 transmitter

The housing of the duct mount CO2 transmitter is rated IP65 which features on its superb protection of the sensing electronics. It is widely used in air duct of the HVAC system or air conditioning system. Besides, the bright LCD display is optional for onsite parameter checking.

Wall mount CO2 transmitter

The compact and slight housing of the wall mount CO2 transmitter simplifies the installation procedure and minimizes the installation cost. Furthermore, the bright LCD display is optional for checking the CO2 concentration onsite.

  • Made In Taiwan
  • Measurement: CO2
  • Measurement principle: Gold-plated infrared (NDIR) wave-guide
  • Protection: IP30 (Wall-mount) / IP65 (Duct-mount)
  • Optional bright LCD display.
  • CE & FCC Certifications.
  • Maintenance-free for normal indoor applications.
  • Commercial building / office / meeting room.
  • Classroom.
  • Train station.
  • Shopping Mall.
  • Warehouse.
  • Museum.
  • Factory.
  • Library.
  • Green House.
  • Laboratory.
  • Mushroom Farm.
  • Wine Cellar.
  • Brewery.
  • Plant factory.
  • Indoor places where would be required to detect CO2 concentration.
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