RS485/RS232 to LoRa Converter

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RS485/RS232 to LoRa Converter - RS485 to LoRa converter
  • RS485/RS232 to LoRa Converter - RS485 to LoRa converter
  • Converter of RS485/RS232 to LoRa.

RS485/RS232 to LoRa Converter


LoRa converter

The RS485/RS232 to LoRa Converter works as a medium for integrating field devices into an IoT network, such as flow meters, electric meters, or water meters. The RS485/RS232 to LoRa converter can receive data from field devices via the RS485 or RS232 interface and send data to the Master Gateway via wireless LoRa communication. Each LoRa Converter could connect with field devices in a maximum of 32 units.

The AUS-405 converter allows users to simplify the process of field device integration and reduce the cost. It could act perfectly as a slave for the AUS-401 Gateway and easily pair up with the Gateway. Besides, transmitted data from the AUS-405 Gateway is well-encrypted and in line with the AES128 Encryption Standard.

Modbus RTU to Modbus RTU via LoRa

LoRa transmission is ideal for long range transmission with small data packed less than 200 bytes. Especially for sensor’s data of which packet size usually 30~40bytes. Hereunder is the working principle of combining the existing devices into the IoT network.

Application of the AUS-405 LoRa converter

The AUS-405 LoRa converter provide a rather economic solution to combine the wire devices into the wireless network and also save the machine communication issue. The LoRa converter is widely used in agriculture automation, building management system, cold chain, Industry 4.0 and water treatment system to create the Internet of Things.

  • Made In Taiwan
  • Signal input: RS485 / RS232
  • LoRa chip: Semtech SX1272
  • LoRa frequency: 862 ~ 932MHz
  • Communication protocol: Modbus RTU
  • Communication distance: 2KM (*An optional antenna is available for communication range up to 5KM in open spaces.)
  • CE and FCC Certifications
  • Commercial building / office / meeting room.
  • Residential house.
  • Classroom.
  • Library.
  • Museum.
  • Indoor places where required to build up the Internet of Things.
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