Devices for Indoor Environmental Measurement

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Based in Taiwan, Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an industrial equipment supplier of automation system controllers and signal converters since 1976.

As an industrial equipment supplier of automation environmental sensing, liquid measurement and analysis, Aecl provides total automation system control solutions particularly for air quality and temperature & humidity automation control fields. Flow control devices such as paddlewheels, magnetic and turbines, environment measurement equipment such as temperature & humidity transmitters, heat (BTU) meters & calculators and ultrasonic flowmeters, and GF valves and GF signet as a distributor in Taiwan.

Aecl has been offering customers high-quality and reliable automation system controllers, signal converter manufacturing and control systems, analyzers and automation solutions with professionalism. Both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Aecl ensures each customer's demands are met.

Devices for Indoor Environmental Measurement

Indoor Air Quality devices

Devices for in door air quality measurements
Devices for in door air quality measurements

More and more reports reveal the impact of indoor air quality on human health. Living in an inappropriate indoor environment for a long period of time would be dangerous and even fatal. With regards to it, Aecl develops a whole series of transmitters, sensors and display boards for indoor air quality and indoor environment measurements include Carbon Monoxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), PM2.5, PM10, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Formaldehyde (HCHO), illuminance and different pressure with analog or digital RS485 Modbus RTU signal output for data analysis.

We use sensing elements with high resolutions of environment, meanwhile, keep a strict standard to the product quality and accuracy to ensure the sensors stability.
We hope to provide reliable instruments to the system integrators or individual who are developing the ventilation, air-conditioning, BMS, or energy saving system to make the indoor environment more comfortable, increase the energy efficiency and reduce carbon emission.

  • Temperature / humidity / dew point transmitter and switch - Devices for temperature, relative humidity(RH), dew point with analog output and digital RS485 Modbus RTU output.
    Temperature / humidity / dew point transmitter and switch
    Temperature / RH / dew point transmitter and controller

    Aecl develops transmitter and switch of temperature, relative humidity(RH) and dew point measurement for data analysis and demand controlled ventilation. With the feature-packed design, optional analog and digital RS485 Modbus RTU signal output as well as various enclosures include duct mount, wall mount, outside air and separate type temperature and humidity transmitter, Aecl hope to trim the solutions to meet the user’s requirement. In this way, we also provide OEM services to tailor the most suitable transmitter to the users.Temperature and humidity parameters play an important role no matter on human health, growth of the plant or the storage of objects. We not only supply sensors for typical indoor air quality but also for the high humidity environment.

  • Multi IAQ monitor and transmitter - Multi-gas transmitters and LED monitor with RS485 Modbus RTU signal output
    Multi IAQ monitor and transmitter
    Multiple indoor air quality transmitter and display

    As people’s growing emphasis on the indoor air quality, governments from several countries start to issue regulations to indicate the proper indoor air quality standard. Hence, more and more system integrators follow the regulations to design the building automation system in the smart building or smart home. Considering the trends of measuring several indoor air quality indexes simultaneously, Aecl develops multi IAQ transmitter and LED display and aims to provide a completed solution to the system integrators. Combining the NDIR CO2 sensors, CMOSen sensors and laser scatter sensors in an enclosure, our multiple gas transmitter or display are able to measure the CO2, PM2.5, Temperature and humidity at the same time. The four air quality parameters are also the critical elements for human health. Besides, considering that the regulation of countries would be different, we also provide OEM services to support the customer to make the multiple gas sensor based on their requirements.

  • CO2 Transmitter - Wall mount, duct mount and remote probe carbon dioxide(CO2) transmitters
    CO2 Transmitter
    Carbon Dioxide(CO2) sensor

    The carbon dioxide concentration is an important index for the indoor air quality evaluation. Aims to develop instrument with high stability and reliability, we adopt microprocessor technology and NDIR sensing elements in the CO2 Transmitter. Furthermore, several signal outputs include analog DC 4~20mA, DC 0-10V and Modbus RTU interface are provided to applicate with different systems. In addition to the CO2 sensors for normal indoor environment, we also release the CO2 sensor specified for high humidity environment.

  • CO Transmitter - Wall mount CO Transmitter with DC 4-20mA, DC 0-10V as well as the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.
    CO Transmitter
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor

    Aecl CO transmitter/sensor equipped with switchable DC 4-20mA and DC 0-10V as well as the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol. It is widely used as the sensor node by the system integrators or individuals in the building automation system or the security system to adjust the air quality and also alarm of the leakage of the CO gas. Hence, the building efficiency could be optimized in a more efficient way. The slight and small housing design makes the installation easier.

  • Transmitters for particulate matter measurement - RS485 Modbus RTU Wall mounted particulate matter transmitter
    Transmitters for particulate matter measurement
    PM2.5 and PM10 transmitter

    More and more studies indicate the impact that particulate matter will cause to the human body. We develop transmitters for reliable PM2.5 and PM10 measurement. With industrial standard RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol, we hope to support the users to collect the real time IAQ data and to adjust the indoor air quality in a more efficient way.

  • Transmitters for HCHO and TVOC measurement - wall mount TVOC or HCHO transmitter
    Transmitters for HCHO and TVOC measurement
    Formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds transmitter

    Formaldehyde (HCHO) and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) are certainly the most common and dangerous substance groups with regard to indoor air exposure. Particularly in modern society, when people spent long period of time indoor, exposures under the polluted air would cause impact to human health. Hence, Aecl develops the air quality transmitter for measuring the HCHO and TVOC concentration. The transmitters sent the real time data to the monitoring system through digital RS485 Modbus RTU as the reference data for the setting of the automation system.

  • Oxygen transmitter - wall mount oxygen transmitter
    Oxygen transmitter
    oxygen transmitter

    Aecl develop the oxygen transmitter to monitor the O2 concentration to prevent the dramatically decrease of the O2. Lack of oxygen will cause symptoms of hypoxemia which might be fatal to human body. This oxygen transmitter acquired oxygen concentration in the air and the data would be the reference for control or activate the ventilation or air-conditioning system. In this way, the air quality could be efficiently adjusted.

  • Differential Pressure transmitter - wall mount differential pressure transmitter
    Differential Pressure transmitter
    differential pressure transmitter

    The differential pressure transmitter is able to measure pressures and calculate the pressure deviation. The data of the pressure variation is usually used as the indication for the air flow direction in the negative isolation room or smoking room. Aecl develops the differential pressure transmitter for three different pressure ranges which is flexible for the application. Meanwhile, its RS485 interface with industrial standard Modbus RTU protocol is compatible with most devices and appropriate for the air-conditioning and BMS system.

  • Illuminance transmitter - wall mount lux transmitter with optional LCD display
    Illuminance transmitter
    lux transmitter

    Aecl develops wall mount lux transmitter for measuring the brightness and light intensity. The RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol makes the transmitter suited for automation and control system. Ideal applications in monitoring lighting conditions at workplaces, in greenhouses, storage halls, workshops and corridors, in outdoor areas, in industrial halls, in offices, in residential and business facilities. It collects brightness data for the reference of light devices control, for example, luminaries, lighting systems, venetian blinds and canvas blinds, sunshade equipment and etc. to avoid the unnecessary energy consumption.