+GF+SIGNET Water Analysis

pH / dissolved oxygen / chemical substances monitoring and analysis


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As an industrial equipment supplier of automation environmental sensing, liquid measurement and analysis, Aecl provides total automation system control solutions particularly for air quality and temperature & humidity automation control fields. Flow control devices such as paddlewheels, magnetic and turbines, environment measurement equipment such as temperature & humidity transmitters, heat (BTU) meters & calculators and ultrasonic flowmeters, and GF valves and GF signet as a distributor in Taiwan.

Aecl has been offering customers high-quality and reliable automation system controllers, signal converter manufacturing and control systems, analyzers and automation solutions with professionalism. Both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Aecl ensures each customer's demands are met.

+GF+SIGNET Water Analysis

pH / dissolved oxygen / chemical substances monitoring and analysis

+GF+SIGNET Water analysis devices
+GF+SIGNET Water analysis devices

Liquid quality and chemicals monitoring are indispensable equipment for chemical industry or application, in order to be in accordance with environmental protection standards. We provide different accurate liquid quality analysis equipment from +GF+SIGNET and ABB.

Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • pH / ORP Measurement - +GF+SIGNET pH / ORP sensing electrodes
    pH / ORP Measurement
    This series use electrodes to sense pH / ORP of fluid.

    The pH and ORP value is a very important indication of water cleanliness. The pH/ORP electrode are mostly applied in waste water treatment, fish farm, plant factory and dyeing process in textile industry.Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Conductivity / Resistivity Measurement - Conductivity / Resistivity electrodes
    Conductivity / Resistivity Measurement
    Measure the conductivity and resistivity of fluid. Both of them are parameters for water assessment.

    Conductivity can present the amount of total dissolved solid in water. In general, high conductivity is not good for irrigation, that is why conductivity is one of the significant indicators of irrigation water. Besides, resistivity is the opposite of conductivity. Conductivity/Resistivity sensing electrodes are mostly applied to manufacturing process using pure water, grey water monitoring, total dissolved solid monitoring, semiconductors, water quality monitoring, etc.Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Chlorine Measurement - Chlorine testing and analyzing electrodes
    Chlorine Measurement
    Devices for detecting the chlorine in water.

    In our daily life, we are easily thinking of detecting the residual Chlorine in the liquids, especially the tap water and pool water. Both of them are using Chlorine to disinfect the water. In order to cease Chlorine content to avoid harms to human body, it is important to neutralize the water after disinfection. Chlorine sensing electrodes also apply to the HVAC systems, or to protect and prevent RO Diaphragm from excessive Chlorine content.Sales in Taiwanese market only.

  • Dissolved Oxygen Measurement - Dissolved oxygen measuring systems
    Dissolved Oxygen Measurement
    Devices for detecting the dissolved oxygen in water.