Environmental sensing, liquid measurement and analysis.

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Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Industrial Equipment Industry. Aecl has been offering our customers high quality Sensing Module, Humidity Sensor, Temperature, Air Quality Display, Surge Protection, Gas Detector, PM 2.5 Monitoring, Transmitter, Heat Meter, Wireless, BTU Meter, Liquid Measurement since 1976. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Aecl always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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23Aug 2017
AVC series air quality transmitter is announced for monitoring HCHO and TVOC concentration.

AVC series air quality transmitter can measures the concentration of HCHO and TVOC, and also can send signal to monitoring center to control air purifying or ventilation system, depending on measurement result. This would be an efficient solution to ensure indoor air quality. The perfect applications are home, office, indoor parking, library, hospital, shopping mall and etc.

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18Aug 2017
The new AQD 4-in-1 Air quality Display will be announced in 2017 MCE, Signapore 9/12~9/14.

Considering PM2.5 is also an important factor determing indoor air quality, the new Air Quality Display is developped and will be annouced in 2017 MCE, Singapore from Sept. 12th to 14th. The 4-in-1 AQD-101 air quality display can measures CO2 and PM2.5 level, temperature and humidity and sends accurate measurement value through RS485, Modbus RTU to monitoring center or to computer. It provides a bette solution for monitoring indoor air quality.

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01May 2017
Aecl officially becomes one of ABB's distributors and provides more different products for system integration.

After working closely with ABB sales team for months, Aecl officially joins ABB family and includes water quality analysis equipment and level meter in its product range.

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15Apr 2017
For high humidity application, AVC-320 would be your good choice for carbon dioxide detection!

For some application, high humidity migh be a problem to carbon dioxide detection. AVC-320 carbon dioxide transmitter uses metal as housing material to reduce the impact of condensation to measurement.

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21Mar 2017
Newly announced PM2.5 & PM10 Air quality transmitter, provide a better solution to monitor particle matters!

Fine inhalable particles and inhalable, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller is responsible for harmful effects on health, in particular the respiratory system. To better monitor the indoor PM2.5 or PM10 concentration would help to take necessary action to improve air quality. Aecl thus provides a better solution to accurately measure particle matter (PM) and send detail data with RS485, Modbus RTU monitoring center or to HVAC system. The immediate action can be to trigger ventilation system or to activate air purifier to ensure better indoor air quality.

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25Jan 2017
15Dec 2016
AGM-100 series Gas sensing module are released to market

For easy gas sensing product development, Aecl provides gas sensing module with calibrated sensor and 4-20mA or I2C output. The DD-Scientific gas sensors, such as VOC, CO, NH3 and etc. are compatible with the sensing module.

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01Dec 2016
DVC series Gas sensor node are available in market

The DVC series gas sensing & transmitter, applying LoRa WAN long wireless transmission, provides a better solution for environmental gas monitoring. Currently, CO2, CO and PM2.5 sensor are available.

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17Aug 2016
Meet us at MCE Asia, Singapore 2016.09.07-09.09

Working on gas sensing for many years, AECL will announce a series of sensing modules with LoRa wireless solution at MCE Asia, Singapore. The AIS series is integrated with calibrated gas sensors, such as CO, H2S, NH3, NO2, CL2, ETO, NO, SO2, PM2.5 and etc… And the LoRa long range low-power-consumption wireless transmission is a value added solution for for gas monitoring in harsh environment. The calibrated gas sensing modules are equipped with I2C digital and 4-20 mA standard interface. This can facilitate the integaration with exisiting system.

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18May 2016
The new air quality monitoring for PM2.5 will be announced during ISH 2016, Beijin

Focus on environmental monitoring, Aecl works on not only temperature and humidity measurement, but also on gas detection. In addition to CO2 and CO detection, we will annouce our new product development, PM 2.5 detector in China International Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Sanitation & Home Comfort Systems. Build-in PM2.5 sensor, it enables to monitor indoor air quality, including CO2 level and also PM 2.5, with one single monitor. For more information, please visit us at W2-38B, New China International Exhibition Center, Beijin, 5/30~6/1, 2016.

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29Oct 2015
Our Product will be Displayed at GTPO Demo house in Tokyo

GTPO (Green Trade project Office) organize a green demo house and introduce Taiwanese green products at Japan Home & Building Show in Tokyo. You can find us there and get idea how the Aecl's product works in a smart home and green building. Meet us at GTPO booth 1B-021.

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29Jul 2015
Meet Aecl and find WiFi Solution for CO2 / Temperature / Humidity Measurement at MCE ASIA 2015, Singapore

Not only focus on domestic market, Aecl also target on southeast Asia market. In order to increase exposure rate of our product and brand, Aecl will announce our CO2 measurement with WIFI transmission solution in MCE ASIA 2015, in Singapore.

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02Jun 2015
Use ATR-5 Two-wire Isolated Temperature Transmitter to Get RS485 Output

ATR-5 Two-wire isolated temperature transmitter is newly annouced. It can be applied with RTD and thermocounple temperature sensor. And the temperature range can be selected with simply adjusting dip switch. It provide not only traditional output 4 ~ 20mA, but also RS485, Modbus RTU for easy system integration and for monitoring.

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14Apr 2015
Find Amazing Environmental Monitoring Solution in Turkeybuild 2015

TURKEYBUILD EXHIBITION is considered as one of the world top 5 largest building material exhibitions. Aecl will be there and meet customers from Northern Africa, Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe.

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01Mar 2015
USB to RS485 Converter is Newly Launched

RS485, Modbus is a common communication protocol to most industrial instrument or sensing equipment. It allows multiple devices (up to 32) to communicate at distances up to 1200 meters.

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13Feb 2015
New Year Vacation

Happy Chinese New Year~ Our Chinese New Year Vacation is from Feb. 18th to 23rd.

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11Feb 2015
Meet us at Ecobuild 2015 London, booth No. S5040

Ecobuild is the sustainable design, construction and energy event for new build, refurb, commercial and domestic buildings. Act as a environmental protection product provider, we will introduce how to apply our products to acheive energy saving or management for a intelligent building.

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04Dec 2014
Meet Aecl at booth #419 in 2014 Taipei Building Show

Aecl will participate 2014 Taipei Building Show with GTPO. Our Air Quality Display and Water Leak Alarm will be demonstrated in Green Demo House.

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20Oct 2014
Highlighted Product in BuildTech Asia Singapore

Aecl partricipated BuildTech Asia in Singapore with GTPO and launched air quality display during the exhibition. The air quality display can be connected to ventillation and to HVAC system.

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02Sep 2014
New Product - Air Quality Display will be Officially Launched During 4th BuildTechAsia 2014 in Singapore

Aecl Group will participate the 4th BuildTechAsia 2014 in Singapore during Oct. 15th ~ 17th. Our new product, Air Quality Display, will be launched in Taiwan Green Demo House where you can find Taiwan excellent green related products.

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30Jun 2014
ADP Series Differential Presssure Tranmsitter is Ready for HVAC Application

Different from most differential pressure transmitters in market, ADP series differential pressure applys thermo flow-through principal sensor for better accuracy and no offset drift.

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06Jun 2014
New Product - Launched-AVC-100 Series Carbon Monoxide Transmitter

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It can bond to our Hb as COHb and circuit in human body. Carbon monoxide measurement should be an important part of intelligent building automation system or to environmental monitoring sytem.

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16Apr 2014
Find Aecl's New Launched Products at INAGREENTECH 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia

INAGREENTECH is The Indonesia International Green Technology and Eco Friendly Products Exhibition which is supported by various Indonesian government ministries, agencies and trade bodies. INAGREENTECH 2014 is the main platform for green technology providers, main buyers and users of green technology.

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02Apr 2014
New Product Launched in ISK-SODEX2014

The ISK-SODEX 2014 will be held from May 7th to 10th at Istanbul Expo Center / Yesilköy in Turkey.

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