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    New Arrival: Indoor Air Quality Management System
    01 Oct, 2021

    The Indoor Air Quality Management System ITS-AQM is designed as a clear and user-friendly interface to simplify system integration. Users can select multiple alert notifications for abnormal situations via pop-up alarm signs, text, or SMS to achieve effective data management. Data of each device is recorded and can be presented as run charts.

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    New Arrival: IAQ Transmitter for multiple Air Quality Index
    25 Jun, 2021

    AVC-M Indoor Air Quality transmitter provides sensing options included temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, HCHO, Oxygen and NH3 measurements. It can be used to control air volume via monitoring systems in order to keep the best indoor air quality and save the energy. Perfect applications are school, office, meeting room, commercial building, shopping mall, train station, exhibition hall, etc.

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    New Arrival: Ethernet/RS485/RS232 to LoRa Converter
    14 May, 2021

    Aecl AUS-40E convert Ethernet/RS485/RS232 to LoRa wireless transmission which is a convenient device for signal transmission and systems integration planning. The max. communication range is up to 2KM in indoor and open space.

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    New Arrival: Ammonia(NH3) Transmitter
    09 Apr, 2021

    NH3, also known as Ammonia, is the crucial factor to air quality. It can result in lung damage and death when exposure to very high concentrations of gaseous ammonia. AVC-410 Ammonia (NH3) transmitter can measure Ammonia level and send the data to monitoring center for analysis or for ventilation control. It can be used in restroom, basement, indoor parking, green house, hospital, fertilizer plant or livestock farm, etc.

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    New Arrival: Water Leak Alarm & Detecting Cable for Pure Water Measurement
    24 Dec, 2020

    Aecl AWS Water Leak Alarm can effectively detect the leak area and set the alarm to prevent from property loss or equipment damage. Over the past few years, AWS series is widely applied to semiconductor, electronics industries and telecommunication facilities, etc. In order to meet customer's requirement of pure water measurement, we present you AWS-1P/AWS-2P and AWL-2/AWL-3 to set the alarm for pure water leakage.

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    New Arrival: LoRa sensors and Gateway
    06 Sep, 2019

    Aecl is dedicated to develop indoor environmental monitoring devices for over a decade. In addition to RS485, 4-20mA and 0-10V output, a new signal transmission option is now ready to provide more flexible solution to our customer. Responding to the quick development of IoT market, LoRa P2P (Peer to Peer) is a better solution for long range wireless signal transmission. Please visit our product category " Environmental monitoring" for more detail product information.

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    New Arrival: Lux Meter
    02 Apr, 2019

    AEC-LX001 Lux Meter is newly launched and provides a better solution for on-demand control lighting system, which should be essential in a smart building.

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    New Arrival: Oxygen Transmitter
    21 Nov, 2018

    In addition to the Carbon dioxide, the oxygen level is also an important index of indoor air quality. The new released product, AVC-010 Oxygen transmitter, can efficiently detect and monitor indoor oxygen level and also all the data can be collected and stored in monitoring center or in a computer for record or for further analysis. There are three options of output signal, 4-20mA, 0-10V and RS485, Modbus RTU. It also can be connected to air ventilation system for a smart control of indoor air quality.

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    New Arrival: HCHO and TVOC Transmitter
    23 Aug, 2017

    AVC series air quality transmitter can measures the concentration of HCHO and TVOC, and also can send signal to monitoring center to control air purifying or ventilation system, depending on measurement result. This would be an efficient solution to ensure indoor air quality. The perfect applications are home, office, indoor parking, library, hospital, shopping mall and etc.

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    New Arrival: AQD 4-in-1 Air quality Display
    18 Aug, 2017

    Considering PM2.5 is also an important factor determining indoor air quality, the new Air Quality Display is developed and will be announced in 2017 MCE, Singapore from Sept. 12th to 14th. The 4-in-1 AQD-101 air quality display can measures CO2 and PM2.5 level, temperature and humidity and sends accurate measurement value through RS485, Modbus RTU to monitoring center or to computer. It provides a better solution for monitoring indoor air quality.

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    New Arrival: CO2 Sensing Probe for High Humidity Environment application
    15 Apr, 2017

    For some application, high humidity might be a problem to carbon dioxide detection. AVC-320 carbon dioxide transmitter uses metal as housing material to reduce the impact of condensation to measurement.

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    New Arrival: PM2.5 & PM10 Air quality Transmitter
    21 Mar, 2017

    Fine inhalable particles and inhalable, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller is responsible for harmful effects on health, in particular the respiratory system. To better monitor the indoor PM2.5 or PM10 concentration would help to take necessary action to improve air quality. Aecl thus provides a better solution to accurately measure particle matter (PM) and send detail data with RS485, Modbus RTU monitoring center or to HVAC system. The immediate action can be to trigger ventilation system or to activate air purifier to ensure better indoor air quality.

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