PM2.5 Transmitter

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PM2.5 Transmitter - PM2.5 transmitter with RS485 interface in Modbus RTU protocol
  • PM2.5 Transmitter - PM2.5 transmitter with RS485 interface in Modbus RTU protocol
  • room pm2.5 sensor without display

PM2.5 Transmitter


Particulate matter 2.5 transmitter

The PM2.5 Air Quality Transmitter provides precise and reliable particulate matter 2.5 measurement ranged from 0 to 600 μg/m³, meanwhile, it is able to accurately send data via RS485 interface in Modbus RTU protocol to the back end platform for real time air quality data monitoring, analysis or for efficient ventilation control. The embedded state-of-the-art laser scattering PM2.5 sensing element is featured in its high resolution of measuring the particles and its long-term stability. Besides, bright LCD display is optional for the users to read the data on site. The configuration of PM2.5 transmitters are designed for indoor measurement which makes it easy to install and maintenance-free if use in proper environment.

Industrial progress brings the society convenience and comfortable life, however, the air pollution becomes fatal to the human health. The PM2.5 particles can penetrate deeply into the lung, irritate and damage the alveolar wall, and consequently impair lung function. Knowing that the air quality impact much on human health, more and more system integrators or individuals start to combine the PM2.5 sensor node to their BMS system or ventilation system to efficiently monitor and ensure good indoor air quality.

  • Made In Taiwan
  • Measurement: PM2.5
  • Measurement principle: Laser scattering
  • Measurement range: 0 ~ 600 μg/m³
  • Output signal: RS-485 (Modbus RTU),
  • Power supply: DC 12V ~ 36V, AC 24V(50/60Hz)
  • Installation: wall-mount
  • Dimensions (mm): 113.57 x 80 x 28.79
  • Optional bright LCD display.
  • CE & FCC certification.
  • Maintenance-free for normal indoor applications.
  • Commercial building / office.
  • Train station.
  • Shopping Mall.
  • Museum.
  • Hospital.
  • Medical Center.
  • Factory.
  • Library.
  • Indoor places where would be required to detect PM2.5 concentration.
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